Do you know our zodiac signs reveals more than just our personality traits? Our personal style, the colors we are drawn to, the way we present ourselves are also greatly influenced by the zodiac signs we belong to. We at Jhelum bring to you a series #zodiacstylecheck where we will discover what your zodiac sign says about your sartorial choices. Believe it or not, it's already the end of October which means Scorpion season has officially begun!



Malaika Arora - One of the most stylish personalities of Btown is a true scorpion. Her strong personality and her impeccable sense of style truly reflect all the scorpion traits.

One of the most mysterious signs in the zodiac a scorpion takes this quality into their style. A Scorpio loves to attract attention with their sense of clothing, leaving a little something to the imagination. Sensual, bold but never overdone it's really hard to pin a scorpion down when it comes to fashion. As much as a scorpion women love trends, they are no slave to fashion they will only follow the trend if it suits their personal style. They love a style that's simple enough to not reveal too much but with a touch of drama! A scorpion closet mainly consists of body-hugging tees, timeless jeans, LBDs for night outs, leather jackets, and a well-tailored power suit. They tend to wear their heart on sleeves and gravitate towards intense, rich colors such as deep reds, burgundy, crimson, marrons along with hues of black and blue.

A scorpion loves to maintain a balance between comfort and style. Their love for sultry stilettos, thigh highs zip-up boots, and brogues are unmatched. Classy yet seductive, a scorpion knows what's for her and isn't afraid to flaunt it!

If you are ready to rock some Scorpio style, here's a guide curated just for you!

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- Charmi Sachdev