The Summer Weave -Kota Doria

The Summer Weave -Kota Doria

When speaking about the traditional weaves of India, one can not miss to mention Kota Doria. Doria means 'thread' and Kota Doria is one of the finest open weave fabrics found in India. Kota Doria is a hand woven fabric known for its special weaving style. It was first originated in Mysore, between 17th & 18th century, the weavers were brought to Kota Rajasthan.

Kota Doria is a unique blend of the two most widely worn fabrics - Cotton and Silk. The weaving of these two yarn is done in such a way as to produce square check patterns. The combination of Cotton & Silk makes the final product both strong and soft as cotton provides strength and firmness to the fabric, while silk adds more transparency and lustrous finish. Kota Doria is extremely light weight and breathable fabric. And thus it's the most favourable fabric for summers. The traditional Kota Doria saree have a cream, unbleached base colour, but now with advent technology and modern taste Kota Doria sarees are available in almost every possible colour.

The weaving of Kota Doria is a household activity. Though all the members of the family participate in the process, it is mainly handled by the women of the houses. Initially, only sarees and dupattas were made out of Kota Doria but now it is used for all kinds of clothing like dresses, tops, scarves and home decor.

Kota Doria is one versatile fabric that is perfect for both casual and formal occasions. You will find 3 different styles of Kota Doria sarees - Basic, Block print and Zari border. The Marwari community, belonging mainly to Rajasthan has been the main consumer of this fabric. Places like Jaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Kolkata and Mumbai have a high demand for this fabric.

Kota Doria is definitely a proof that handcrafted fabrics of our country are still impeccable in comparison with any machine made fabrics.

In support of the "Make in India" campaign led by our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji and Minister of Textiles Shri Smriti Iraniji Jhelum is delighted to have collaborated this season with Ms Natarajan and the executive committee of FICCI FLO Mumbai."Windows for Weavers" is a initiative to promote the weavers of India, a special mention here to the Kota Doria weavers of Rajasthan. This is a pure initiative to release the weavers from the financial crisis that they have faced during the Covid times of 2019, for the weavers to sell ready inventory and take orders.

In addition the Jhelum team will also offer its expertise by interacting with the weavers on the clients behalf for proactiveness of off the rack sales and to create a comfortable environment for clients to place orders and in return receive quality products. Whether it's your upcoming wedding or the festivities. Brides of India this is your golden chance. You can shop their products exclusively available between 25th to 30th September on



- Charmi Sachdev

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